11:15 PM: Unfortunately, that’s it from us tonight here at the London Stadium, which felt more like the North Pole at times tonight as both Managers have now finished addressing the Media, where we have watched the Hammers book an away tie with either AFC Bournemouth and Wigan Athletic in Round Four of the 2017/2018 Emirates FA Cup with an extra-time winner from Reece Burke.

Thank you very much to everyone that has joined us, tuning into our extensive coverage this evening, especially to those who have been with us for the full drama-packed hours, please do stay across all of our Platform’s for our further reaction to tonight’s encounter. We will be Live-Blogging once more later in the week as Moyes speaks to the Press before the visit of Bournemouth here at London Stadium on Saturday, a match we will also be bringing you live coverage of, I’ve been Luke Glanville live in E20, thank you and goodnight.

On The Possibility Of Some Of His Players Being Scouted:

“From our point of view, no-one’s for sale, but everyone’s got a price”.

On The Challenge Of Dealing With Moyes’ Tactics:

“It was always going to be difficult when Noble and Arnautovic came on”.

On The Threat Of Lanzini:

“He’s really clever and skilfull”.

“I’d have rather lost to Lanzini or Arnautovic curling one in the top corner”.

On Payne’s Big Second-Half Miss:

“When your playing in the really big games, you have to take the big opportunities”.

On His Team’s Performance:

“The players deserved to get to that point”.

“Very proud of the players, but very disappointed with the goal we conceded”.

10:42 PM: No time to waste as Shrewsbury Manager Paul Hurst is with us already, live quotes to follow:

10:40 PM: I would like to apologise for the lack of Moyes material, his arrival caught me off-guard a little much like others.

On The Andy Carroll Reports:

“I don’t know who the sources are, I always like to tell you what I know”.

On How Oxford Performed


On The Introduction Of Arnautovic:

“It had always been my plan, he needs to be busy”.

On Progressing To The Fourth Round:

“We found it difficult, but we done the Job”.

On The Team’s Current Position:

“We are just improving from where we were at the start”.

10:35 PM: David Moyes has swiftly joined us to speak, live quotes to follow……..

10:30 PM: I have arrived in the Press Conference Room, where both Managers are set to join us very soon.

10:20 PM: Simpson blows his final, final whistle and the Hammers advance to the FA Cup Fourth Round courtesy of a strike from youngster Reece Burke late on, stay right where you are for live reaction from both Managers in their respective Post-Match Press Conferences, stay with us.

10:17 PM: Full-time in extra-time: West Ham United 1-0 Shrewsbury Town.

30: Just one minute added on here.

30: Lanzini gets it and feeds Martinez to fire wide.

29: Zabaleta wins a late corner, I doubt this will go in the box.

28: Martinez almost gets Arnautovic in on the right, the hosts are still attacking.

27: The East Londoners just looking to see this one out now, not long to go.

26: Arnautovic is pulled up for a foul when trying to barge through on the near side.

24: That really was special from Burke, now the Irons have six minutes plus added-time to hold out, 1-0.

23: Martinez did so well to tee him up with a little volley, the defender crashing a shot off the bar and in to surely win this one for Moyes’ men!!

22: GOAL!! What a strike from Burke!! 1-0!!

22: Lanzini delivers and it is steered away for a corner.

21: Obiang tries his luck low, the ball, trickles wide.

20: The Hammers attack, though Lanzini hesitates and the opening is gone.

19: The play is fairly even of present.

18: Obiang gives away a free-kick while attacking, while I contemplate Hypothermia.

17: Hart claims well, I can barely feel my toes up here.

16: An early Town attack is stopped, while Martinez’s effort is blocked at the other end.

10:01 PM: Arnautovic gets the second period of extra-time underway.

10:00 PM: The thought of penalties is looming large, still nothing to separate the two teams with 15 minutes remaining.

9:59 PM: Half-time in extra-time: West Ham United 0-0 Shrewsbury Town.

15: Just one minute will be added.

14: I can hardly believe my eyes, Arnautovic and Lanzini get in, the former feeding the latter with his effort somehow blocked on the line, pure shock inside the London Stadium.

13: Handball appeals ring out, no penalty, Town are flagged offside on the break.

12: Half-time in extra-time is nearly hear, no action at present.

11: Masuaku gets a throw, as Shrewsbury use their extra substitution, Lowe coming off for Bolton.

9: The hosts get numerous crosses in, Henderson saves a Martinez header in the end.

8: Arnautovic gets in on the right, his cut-back is cleared.

7: Hart and Burke just about clear the danger, end-to-end at the moment.

6: Town are finding openings when they come forward, Ogbonna is the latest to clear, Ogogo fires wide.

5: Hart does well to catch a cross under pressure, while Arnautovic’s delivery is cleared.

4: Close! Noble has his header somehow cleared off the line.

3: Masuaku’s shot is deflected over, corner-kick.

2: Early pressure from Town is warded off well.

1: 30 more minutes will be played here and then penalties of it stays level.

9:42 PM: We are back underway in extra-time, stay with us for live text commentary.

9:40 PM: Full-time: West Ham United 0-0 Shrewsbury Town.

90+4: Lanzini fires narrowly over and the Referee blows his whistle.

90+4; Masuaku wins another throw-in, Obiang wins a free-kick, one last chance here.

90+3: Masuaku’s pace forces a throw, can the hosts create from this? No is the answer.

90+2: Hart punches clear, Ogogo heads just over moments later, a close call.

90+1: The Irons give it away again, the Shrews have a late corner.

90: Four extra minutes have been added, enough time for a winner?

90: Byram is down having just returned from injury, Zabaleta will take his place shortly by the looks of things.

89: The pressure of Martinez forces a throw, nothing comes of it late-on.

88: I don’t think many will want extra-time here, that’s the way things are heading though as Salop win a corner.

87: Ogbonna flicks it on but the ball is scrambled to safety, Arnautovic fires just wide again in the aftermath.

86: Martinez wins a corner on the break, superb pace once more.

85: The Hammers are searching for a winner, Arnautovic is the latest player to hit the side netting, half the Ground think that it’s in.

83: Arnautovic slips Martinez in, his shot bulges the side netting, Salop make their last change, Morris for Payne.

83: Henderson just about gathers Masuaku’s cross yet again.

82: Under ten minutes remain, we could well be heading for extra-time here.

82: The Shrews’ pressure amounts to nothing.

81: Payne is played in, Hart clears before he can get there.

80: Noble finds Byram in on the right, there is nobody on the end of his tempting delivery.

78: Martinez gets in, he is tackled before he can find Cullen, however, Lanzini cannot keep the ball in on the right.

77: Byram and Arnautovic are linking well, this time, they just run out of room, Rodman comes on for Whalley.

76: A foul breaks up West Ham’s attack, under 15 minutes left here.

75: The Irons come forward but Byram’s loose pass loses possession.

75: Both teams have to clear danger, this tie is really up for the taking.

73: Masuaku fires in, the ball is frantically cleared, with Riley being replaced by Dodds for the visitors.

72: Ogbonna clears a low cross and the pieces are picked up.

71: Ogogo is shown a yellow card for a strong tackle, free-kick mid-way through Town’s half, it comes in and can only find Henderson.

70: The star of Saturday is now on the field, can he impact this even affair?

68: Whalley fires just over as Noble and Arnautovic replace Oxford and Ayew, the first changes here.

67: Martinez goes for the spectacular from a Masuaku cross, his connection is poor and it’s a goal-kick.

66: Nervy moments for Henderson, he volleys clear under extreme pressure.

65: The home side have a set-piece, Obiang was the man fouled and Nolan is booked.

65: Masuaku looks to counter, but his pass has too much on it for Lanzini.

63: Oh my word, a wicked deflection plays Payne clean through, Hart saves well and Burke cleans up, the best chance of the tie so far, 0-0.

62: Martinez lays the ball off nicely to Lanzini, his shot is comfortably over, that was a real chance.

61: Masuaku bursts forward but his cross/shot is closer to the Sir Trevor Brooking Stand roof than it is the goal.

60: Nolan delivers but the Irons defend well, the Shrews have their tails up.

58: Masuaku stops Payne in a good position, end-to-end stuff.

58: Salop look to attack but they are unable to keep it in on the far side.

57: Lanzini breaks through and goes down, the Referee points for a goal-kick, though the home fans think he is pointing to the spot, their cheers are cut short.

56: Ayew’s effort goes out for a corner, a great flick from Martinez to set him up, the ball is scrambled just over from it.

55: It’s cleared, but the hosts come again.

54: The visitors have a penalty claim turned down, while Martinez breaks and wins a corner.


53: Ayew gives another one away in quick succession,

53: Risky from Henderson, he dummies Martinez and can only just keep the ball in, his side now have a free-kick further forward.

52: Byram’s cross almost finds Martinez, however, Henderson is there first.

51: Masuaku advances and wins a throw down the left.

50: The home side are now attacking the end slightly nearer to me.

49: Byram tries a one-two with Ayew, but the ball runs out for a goal-kick.

48: Ayew is back on which will be a relief for Moyes, the bench is not flooded with forwards.

47: The Hammers players keeping warm by passing the ball around, Ayew is still being seen to on the pitch.

46: Early treatment is needed for Ayew, the African is still down.

8:48 PM: The Irons get the second-half underway, Moyes would have certainly been the more frustrated of the two Managers at the break, but will his side be able to book a place in Round Four in this half? Or will Salop pull off a magical upset? Stay with our live text commentary to find out.

8:34 PM: Jeremy Simpson blows his half-time whistle and brings a rather uneventful half to an end, chances have been a rare commodity indeed in the freezing conditions, I have decided not to venture down to the Press Lounge at the break, which means I will be staying with you, so go nowhere.

8:33 PM: Half-time: West Ham United 0-0 Shrewsbury Town.

45: There will be just one minute of added-time at the end of this first-half.

45: A corner is won from it, little time to take this.

44: The right-back is fouled for another, much closer this time around.

43: Byram wins a free-kick, it is taken quickly.

42: The ball has stayed in midfield in the last few minutes, three minutes until the break still 0-0.

40: It comes in deep and the flag is up, while Henderson nervously gathers at the opposite end.

39: Close! Salop get in and they now have a free-kick after Byram’s foul, a real chance here.

38: Plenty of catching practice for the visiting keeper, he holds onto a Masuaku delivery.

38: It’s on target from Lanzini, Henderson beats it away.

37: Great movement from Lanzini earns a free-kick for Moyes’ boys, he will take.

36: A Shrewsbury attack is well-defended, the home side now press.

35: Masuaku’s advance is halted and the hosts are forced to play back.

34: Cullen battles well to win a throw, from it, Lanzini’s ball is caught by Henderson, 0-0.

32: Henderson punches the danger clear, not a bad ball from Cullen.

32: West Ham corner, Lanzini’s shot is deflected out.

31: Martinez wins a throw, good strength from the striker.

30: The cross is flicked up, Henderson spills although the Referee pulls play back for a foul.

29: The Irons get rid and now come forward to earn their own set-piece through Martinez.

28: Ayew gets in, however, the Town defence stop him yet again, they now have a free-kick on the near side.

27: Byram and Cullen link well, but the former’s weak effort rolls wide, better.

25: Town are pressing well to their credit, the Irons cannot break them down at the moment.

24: Little comes of it, the first corner of the affair.

23: Byram knocks down, he just needed Martinez to gamble, Shrewsbury win a corner at the other end.

22: Beckles delivers from the left, Masuaku nervously chests back to Hart.

21: Masuaku is stopped on the left, the Shrews win it.

20: Nolan breaks quick for Salop, the Hammers thwart him in the end.

18: Brilliant play from the home side finds Masuaku, Martinez can only steer his effort wide.

17: Byram’s cross is cut out, the hosts come again but there is way too much on Masuaku’s delivery.

16: Now the Irons have a set-piece which was won by Oxford.

15: The effort hits the wall and West Ham clear with relative ease.

14: The away side win a free-kick in a dangerous area, an unlikely opener perhaps?

13: Byram and Masuaku both cross, they both fail to find their targets, 0-0.

11: A fairly low tempo to this one so far.

10: Plenty of noise from the away fans, can their team cause an upset.

9: It’s freezing up here in the Press Box, little action to warm us up so far.

8: Payne is almost played in, Byram clears, the flag was up anyway though.

7: Masuaku looks to set Ayew away, his ball is overhit.

6: Martinez looks hungry up-front, however, the visitors are now looking to attack.

6: The home side are moving the ball nicely, but they cannot create anything as of yet.

5: Closer! Lanzini gets a chance to shoot, his effort flying just over the bar.

4: Chance! The hosts get forward, but the Shrews snuff the danger out, a quiet start here.

2: The Hammers have a free-kick, the first foul of the game.

1: An even start here, and an impressive turn-out from both sets of fans.

7:47 PM: The visitors get us underway, a delayed start but we are off!

7:42 PM: Both sets of players have walked out to a loud chorus of “Bubbles” here at London Stadium and kick-off is very nearly upon us in this FA Cup Third Round Replay, stay right where you are for live text commentary.

7:35 PM: England keeper Hart Captains the Hammers tonight, will he keep a clean sheet against the club he started his career at? Find out right here, just ten minutes until our live text commentary starts, go nowhere.

7:30 PM: Just 15 minutes until we get going, the magic of this Competition is well and truly in the air, I can tell, you, head over to @MooreThanAClub on Twitter to give us your late score predictions.

7:25 PM: The atmosphere is building nicely inside the London Stadium here, this is the first ever FA Cup Replay to be played at the Ground and a large crowd is expected tonight given reductions in Ticket prices, stay with us.

7:20 PM: With under 30 minutes until kick-off, both sets of players are out warming up, a dramatic change of scenery for those visiting players, no doubt.

7:10 PM: 3,000 Shrewsbury fans are expected here in East London tonight, they are already making themselves heard, a terrific turn-out from them.

7:05 PM: Interesting team news from both sides tonight, Oxford making his first start for the Hammers since returning from Germany, whilst for the visitors, young defender Lowe starts, he was part of a Derby County U23 Xl that emerged 1-5 victors here at London Stadium back in November, you may remember, I was Live-Blogging that match.

7:00 PM: Town Manager Paul Hurst has decided on three changes from Saturday’s defeat at Ewood Park, departing from the starting Xl are James Bolton, Alex Rodman and Carlton Morris, replaced by Joe Riley, Max Lowe and danger man Stefan Payne.

6:50 PM: Here is the full teamsheet this evening, including how the travelling Shrewsbury Town side line-up.

6:47 PM: That’s seven changes from the Saturday afternoon thrashing of Huddersfield Town for David Moyes, Joe Hart, Sam Byram, Reece Burke, Reece Oxford, Josh Cullen, Andre Ayew and Antonio Martinez, for his first Competitive start, come in to take the places of Adrian San-Miguel, Pablo Zabaleta, James Collins, Aaron Cresswell, Cheikhou Kouyate, Mark Noble and Marko Arnautovic.

6:45 PM: West Ham United Xl to face Shrewsbury Town: Hart (GK & C), Byram, Burke, Ogbonna, Oxford, Masuaku, Cullen, Obiang, Lanzini, Ayew, Martinez.

Substitutes: Adrian, Zabaleta, Arnautovic, Noble, Haksabanovic, Samuelsen, Makasi.

6:40 PM: Just five more minutes to wait for team news here, will there be starts for some of the Hammers’ younger talents? And how will Paul Hurst’s Shrews be looking?

6:30 PM: The stunning London Stadium scene is set, just 15 minutes until we bring you team news.

6:20 PM: You’ve heard from an ex-Hammer on what he thinks the score will be, we want to hear your score predictions, get in touch with us on Twitter to cast them.

6:15 PM: Young Spanish striker Antonio Martinez is the cover star of tonight’s Programme, will he start for the first time Competitively this evening? Find out right here in 30 minutes.

6:10 PM: As promised, and I like to think that I rarely let down the faithful viewers of my Live Blogs, I have a score prediction from a former West Ham United star and he is no other than Hammers royalty Alvin Martin, who I caught up with in the queue for Coffee:

Alvin Martin: West Ham United 2-0 Shrewsbury Town.

6:05 PM: Under an hour now until we hear news of the two teams, while we wait, why not have a read of our Match Preview this evening? Find it here: https://www.hammers.news/core/match-preview/match-preview-west-ham-united-vs-shrewsbury-town-emirates-fa-cup-third-round-replay/.

6:00 PM: So, now that we have been fed and as the clock strikes six, attention can now start to turn to the only reason you’re here in the first place, tonight’s Cup encounter.

5:50 PM: And to cool us down after that, a pleasant Carrot Cake, my Hot Cross Bun-esque artwork was a mistake, the Desert was very nice indeed.

5:45 PM: Tonight’s main course here in the Press Lounge, a spicy Chicken Curry, delicious.

5:40 PM: Here is what tonight’s Match Accreditation looks like, just over an hour to wait until team news now.

5:30 PM: Good evening from a VERY chilly London Stadium where we have arrived in the Press Lounge and will be bringing you live and exclusive build-up, text commentary and reaction from tonight’s Emirates FA Cup Third Round Replay between West Ham United and Shrewsbury Town, I’m your host Reporter Luke Glanville and you can follow me on Twitter @Glanville_luke and us @MooreThanAClub.

We have around two hours to kick-off, but make sure that you stay with us between now and then as I am hoping to bring you score predictions from the ex-Hammers that surround me here in the Press Facilities, as well as team news and all of the pre-match developments, thank you very much for joining us and we hope sincerely that you enjoy everything the next few hours has in store for us.

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