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On The Players Having A Christmas Party:

“It’s not been brought to me, so I take it that nothing’s happening here and I don’t think we’re in a position where we need to have a party, I hope we have a good one at the end of the season.

And I certainly won’t let the players down if they do what’s required, then I won’t let them down”.

On How He Has Found His Time At The Club So Far:

“I’m smiling and that tells you how I feel, I’ve really enjoyed It and the people here have made me really welcome, the first time that I’ve been down this far South and I’ve got to say it’s been good.

But, the players have helped, the players have bought into everything that we’ve wanted to do, their attitude, their determination has been really good and just overall, working with them has been excellent”.

On Potential January Activity:

“I hope it is busy in the January Window, I recent years I think it hasn’t been as busy as people had made it out to be, it’s not the easiest month but yeah I would like to add to the Squad if we can do.

I think it’s really important that we try and get players that can make a difference and can give us people who can, more than likely, go straight into the team but that’s not the easiest thing to do.

On Noble’s Chances Of Getting Picked For Russia 2018:

“Well, I think that age might go against him, I think Gareth has got a younger team and he’s got quite good competition, but I think that you never say never do you? You always hope that you can force your way in.

The big thing is form, I think if the team plays well with Mark Noble in it, it will draw more attention from the England Manager”.

On Mark Noble Making His 300th Premier League Appearance:

“I’ve only had a short time with him but everything I heard and knew about him before I came here is proved to be correct, really good Captain, great around the club, good player, has really done a good job for West Ham over the years.

And he’s played well for us as well, he’s Captain and he’s making sure that the players are doing all the right things and understand what the club means, so, I’ve got to say it’s great that he gets 300 games, you know, it’s a great achievement for him and I hope he continues, because he has been good for us”.

On Team News:

“Well, we’ve got a few doubts like anybody else would in the middle of a three-game week and a tough period, so we’ve got some doubts, we’ve got one or two people on their way back not quite ready yet, but like everybody else, it’s a difficult time and you don’t always have all your players available.

On Marko Arnautovic Returning To His Former Club:

“I think Marko’s proved his worth in recent games, I think he scored a good goal, the winning goal against Chelsea, you need players who can make the difference and win you the games, Marko’s played well, his effort’s been terrific, which is probably the first thing we want from him.

But, everybody at Stoke knows him, they know how good a player he was and that’s why he got a move from Stoke to West Ham, and that’s why, you know, Stoke got a really good price for him as well because of what he is capable of, we want him to do it regular and in recent games, he’s done it very well”.

On Improving This Season’s Away Form:

“Talk can be cheap, we can talk we are improving but we’ve got to show it and I’m sure that the players will, they are in good spirits and I’m confident we can go and get a result”.

On Being At The Wrong End Of The Table:

“We want to get away from the bottom end, we have probably taken some points that people didn’t expect in recent games, I’ve got to say, if we can build on that and pick up, and get a bit of momentum going, hopefully, it can help us get away from the bottom end.

On The Potters’ Recent Poor Form:

“I can only say, look, we are going there, we are buoyant, we are in good form, we feel good, we’ve got to go there and try and get a result, you know that’s it, we need results.

At the moment, Stoke are in a better position than us so we have to try and climb the table, it will be bit by bit, we are still trying to get to know our players exactly and blend everybody in, but overall, we go there in good form and you know and a good mindset”.

His Thoughts On The Stoke City Clash:

“I think Stoke has always been a tough place to play at any time, I think Mark Hughes has done a great job over the years at Stoke, it’s a tough game, you know, they’ve got some really good senior players who, you know, they call on at any time. And we also know that they’ve got some ability in some other areas, so, we know it’s a tough game”.

On His Philosophy Working Early:

“Well, I think that we know we had to make an impact really quickly, we had to make something happen and this is what I’ve said right from the start, it’s a bit of a rush job this one, you know, everything we are having to do very quickly.

We are trying to get as much work into the players as we can, ideally, you would have five or six pre-season friendlies, so we could get to understand them and know them, we don’t and we are having to learn on the job a little bit.

I’ve got to say the players are learning on the job as well and I think they have done really well in recent games”.

On The Responsibility Of The Players:

“I think the players are always the way, they’re the ones who have to perform, they are the ones who have to show the right attitude and desire, and I think belief as well, I think they’ve started to gain belief and because of that, they begin to do good things.

We want to play much better, we know that, but first and foremost taking small steps and trying to stop conceding goals, that’s a start”.

On The Recent Uplift In Confidence:

“I think anyone who beats Chelsea and anybody who gets a result against Arsenal, especially in the position we are in, it’s a real positive, we’ve still got to climb the Table, so we’ve still got to win an awful lot more games.

We can pat ourself in the back for our performances and how well the players done but overall, you know, we’ve still got a lot of games to go and we have to win them”.

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