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On Giving The Younger Players A Chance:

” If I could play the younger players I wuld do, my history is to play young players, but you have to do it at the right moments when you think you can and I have got to say that I have to see enough from the younger players to suggest they are better than the players that are in just now.

But we are at the moment seeing three young players that are making The Squad regularily and that’s becuase of The Squad numbers as well, but if any of them get their opportunity, we will give them every chance to show what they can do”.

On The Confidence Of The Squad:

” I think that was one of the worries when I came in, the lack of confidence, I thought the players got over a big part of it by their attitude against Leicester, I thought it was noticeable and the crowd showed what they thought of it but we started the game frightened against Everton, but overall the players need to find a way of getting the upper-hand”.

Every time that the other team go up the other end of the pitch, they look like thay are going to score a goal and that does not breed confidence”.

On Identifying Potential Transfer Targets:

” Well, that would be difficult, I have only been in two or three weeks, to have gone gone and done all the work and be prepared, I don’t think anybody could do it in that short time.

But I do think The staff who work here and the people wo are in that Department will have me plenty of people to look at then if it is nearer the time and that is needed, then I will go myself and try and see them”.

On Activity In January:

” Well, they told me when I came that if things were needed in January, it would be possible to do so, but I said last week and I’m saying it again, I’m only focusing on the players that are here and not elsewhere just now.

I have to try and get a team from what we have in The Squad, we want to get a winning team from what we have got, if we are struggling to find that then we have to find other people who can do it”.

On The Pep Guardiola/Nathan Redmond Incident:

” Well, I hadn’t seen it up until today and I would think Pep would only bother himself with good players in giving advice, so I think it should probably be seen as a positive.

Pep Guardiola is a really good Coach and if he is interested in you then, if he is interested in giving you advice, then I could only think it would be good stuff”.

On Whether Manuel Lanzini Will Continue To Take Penalties:

” I have not really thought too much about it, but obviously for us, we can’t afford to miss any opportunities we get, that was a big opportunity the other night, so it’s something we need to look at and discuss”.

On The Chance Of Adrian To Chellenge Joe Hart on Sunday:

I think when you get in then you can show me what you can do, ultimately that’s the same with all players, you have a Squad of players and when you get your chance you have got to show you’re good enough to play and that’s the same not just for Adrian, but other players as well”.

On The Shape Of The Squad Ahead Of Sunday:

” We have got a few injured players, I don’t want to be someone who talks about injuries but undoubtedly we have got a few, but we are going to go to Manchester and try and make sure we can take something from the game, ultimately, that’s what we have to do.

Andy Carroll is not back yet and Javi (Javier Hernandez) is not back yet, but as I said, we have got a few missing now, but it’s the same at many other clubs.

Winston Reid has come off with an injury, we will check him out tomorrow and Jose Fonte is a more long-term injury, he has got a couple of months before he is back in the fold”.

On Raheem Sterling And Others’ Ability To Score Late Winners:

” I think those winners are markers of teams that go on to win things, I think to score late goals, but I think Raheem Sterling has always been a good player, he was a good player at Liverpool and he’s stepped up again.

I think he’s working with a really good Coach, whose encouraging him but he’s also got really good teammates helping them get the ball in good areas and helping him to finish”.

On The Best Way To Stop Manchester City:

” I think we have seen some teams play well recently against them, Huddersfield had a really good goal and Southampton midweek had a really good goal, there will be other teams that challenge them a different way, I saw last season when some teams went right up against them and made it very hard.

So. I think there is ways to play against them, I think they have got weaknesses, they are not completely unflappable in what they have got, but I think what they have got going forward is people who can really create chances, take chances and they are very clinical, they have been for many of the games, they were scoring a lot of goals, so we have to try and make sure we are in the game all the way and give ourselves every chance”.

On The Message To His Players Ahead Of A Tough Run:

” Well, I think the message is the same. I don’t think I have ever gone into any game not thinking that we are going to win, or we have a chance of winning, or we have got to get something out of it.

Undoubtedly, we are playing against probably the most in-form team in The League as everybody can see, but that does not mean to see that they are unbeatable, becuase they will be beaton somewhere and we have got to hope it is us”.

On The Performance At Goodison Park On Wednesday Night:

” I think if you watched the game, the first ten minutes both teams were scared stiff of eachother, I think whoever could take the initiative, I have watched the game back and I think the only player who looked to get on the ball was Wayne Rooney, out of all the players on the pitch, I think Wayne tried to do something in the game to get a bit of control and ultimately became the one who did with his goals.

We didn’t take any initiative at all and that’s where we have to get better, we have to start trusting ourself to do so, take the ball and make some passes and play forward, I thought at the start of the second-half, we were the team who done that, so we have to be ready and we have to take up the challenge”.

On The Task At Hand In East London:

” I was hoping it would be a bit easier, Iv’e got to be honest to tell you but I think Football, you just never know in Football, so I think it is a big task and Job, but it’s a good Job and we have got good players here and I think we are OK, I think we have got a good team”.

On His Team’s Recent Performances:

“There have been bits of encouragement in all the games, I think Leicester was undoubtedly our best all-round performance, even thought it was only good for one half of the game, I thought it was the same in the Everton game, I thought for 20 minutes of the second-half we were OK, if we got a goal then we would have given ourselves a chance, when we didn’t, we gave ourselves no chance whatsoever.

But I think there have been moments when we looked OK, the players are trying to improve, they are trying to get better, the hard bit to take is when it becomes individual mistakes, which I think a lot of our goals have been down to recently”.

On The London Stadium Development:

“No, I’ve just heard something about it, listen, I know nothing about The Stadium, I’m not aware of anything at all that happened, I’ve come here to do The Job with the team and I have very little understanding of what’s really happening.

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