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On His Confidence In The Players For The Task At Hand:

“My Job when I came was to work with the players I’ve got so I’ve said all along, you don’t talk about the players who are at other clubs, you talk about your own players at this club, and I’ve got to say, we haven’t discussed our players much apart from one or two.

And you’d have to say that our players have played really well, our performance at Stoke City was excellent, the all-around team performances in the games have been very very good.

On Whether His Transfer Plans Have Changed Recently:

“No, not really, because it’s the clubs transfer plans, the club know exactly what they are needing and what they need to do, so me coming in for a month wouldn’t necessarily mean I would have all the solutions and ideas to what’s needed.

Obviously, I’ve had a chance to work with the players and get to know them a bit now, there’s still some I’ve not seen who are coming back from longer-term injury, so I think we’ve got an idea of what we’d like to do if possible and we will keep moving along towards that”.

On Whether It Will Present Him With A Chance To Regain His Spot:

“I’ve said all along, that we’ve got two really good goalkeepers, I think both of them have been excellent, Adrian has had some really good performances.

Joe, as everybody knows, his experience, the level of games he’s played, so, he’s has been very good around the place Joe and he’s ready to play”.

On Whether Joe Hart Will Start:

“Yeah, Joe will start tomorrow night”.

On How Many Changes To Expect:

“I think ideally we would (make changes) if we had them, we are very short of players at the moment, people are aware of that, our injuries and what we’ve got.

I think I would have changed one or two, because, undoubtedly, our priority is to make sure we get away from the bottom end of the Premier League, but nothing would give me more pleasure than getting to a Cup Final.

So, every game I go into, I want to win, I’ll try to go into the League Cup game, Quarter-Final, and win it as well”.

On Whether Lanzini Would Have Played And How The Approach Has Changed:

“Of course I would have (picked him).

But, we might not have started him, we might have decided to not play him in this game, we would have chosen, just to let them rest, there will be some players we do play and some players we don’t play”.

On Whether Andy Carroll Will Return:

“Andy Carroll we hope to be back, he’s done a little bit of light training today, he’s had a bad back, but we will make a call on that tomorrow”.

On Team News Ahead Of The Clash:

“We’ve got the same sort of Squad which was available for the game at Stoke, with a couple of injuries and people around that will add a couple of young players to it as well, so, we we’ll not be a million miles away from the Squad that has been available for most games”.

On What Kind Of Game He Is Expecting Tomorrow Night:

“You’ve already alluded to it, it will be a completely different game and also a different team probably, when we play against Arsenal, so we will go there and try and put in a good performance.

Our performances have gradually been getting better, our defensive work has been good in recent weeks and I think with our attacking play, we showed that a little bit at Stoke, we’re getting a bit better with the ball, using it better and making and creating more chances”.

On How He Is Able To Get The Best Out Of Him:

“I think Marko’s always been capable of the performances, and I think, you know, there’s different things, I think a bit of hard love at times with him but he’s been very good for us at the moment.

The supporters have taken to him because of his performances, I think what happens with supporters, I think if your effort’s big and people can see you’re putting that in, I think it turns people around very quickly.

I think Marko’s effort, coupled with his really good technical ability, is making him a real crowd favourite at the moment”.

On Whether There Is A Need To Give The Austrian Extra Attention:

“We’ve only been here a short time, so I’m maybe not the best man to ask on that, Mark Hughes, I’m sure, will know much more about the player than I do, but all I can say is, since he’s been here with us, he has been very good.

I watched Stoke a lot over the last couple of seasons as well and I think he played very well for Stoke City as well, so since he’s been with us, he’s been very good, he’s worked hard and got a few goals, should’ve had a few more, so overall, we are very content with his performance”.

On The Way That Arnautovic Celebrated His Goal:

“I think he slid to his knees didn’t he and went to the side? So, I don’t think he done anything out of order, no”.

On The Marko Arnautovic/Mark Hughes Incident:

“I didn’t think there was anything in it, I thought Marko was coming off the pitch, I don’t know what Mark Hughes said and actually I was so concentrated in the game and trying to make sure we get the result.

Again, Marko had put in a good performance and played well, so you know, I’ve got no problems with that at all”.

On Whether There Could Be A Better Punishment For Simulation:

“Well, tell me how you would do it any other way? I haven’t got an answer for you”.

On Whether He Will Need To Brief Lanzini About Incidents Of The Like:

“After his performance on Saturday, the only thing I said to him was how well he played, he made the first goal, he created the other two, he had a brilliant performance.

So, there was nothing that we had to say to Manuel after the game at all, but let me be clear, I’m the first who says get rid of diving, let’s make sure it’s not in the game. That’s why I’m annoyed at this one, I don’t think there is anybody who would be definitely sure it was”.

On Whether He Would Feel Aggrieved Had the Decision Been Against Him:

“I could have yeah”.

On Whether The Club Will Appeal The Ban:

“We’re going to have a talk about it this afternoon, we are going to think about what we are going to do, but we will look at it.

But again, I find it really strange that there’s three people on Sunday say it’s all a penalty, but today we wake up to find there’s three people who all say it’s not, I think to be as clear as that is very difficult”.

On His Reaction To The Lanzini Charge:

“Well, we’re going to think a little bit about it, we have only just got it in like yourselves, yeah I’m a bit surprised because of, I think the incident in the game, the Referee was ten yards from the ball, nothing blocking his vision, clear to see the defender makes an attempt to go for the ball doesn’t get it.

So, from my point of view, they are going against the Referee if that’s the case, I think whoever the panel were, I could have said the Goals on Sunday panel, the Goals on Sunday panel said it was all a definite penalty and nothing to talk about.

So, I don’t know how you can judge that one, I think it was a really tough call and a really hard call but on the day, the Referee gave a penalty kick”.

1:36 PM: A slightly late David Moyes has joined us here, live quotes to follow……….

1:25 PM: the Boss should join us very soon here, expected topics of discussion are expected to include team news ahead of the trip to the Emirates, Saturday’s victory over the Potters and his evaluation of the importance of the Carabao Cup.

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1:15 PM: We are hearing news here that Manuel Lanzini has just been charged by the FA for deception during Saturday’s Premier League clash with Stoke City, no doubt that the Gaffer will be asked about that today.

1:10 PM: We are in position here in the Press Conference area of Rush Green’s Media Centre, just 20 minutes until we will be joined by David Moyes.

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