Being a West Ham fan is like having your average British traits multiplied by ten. Complaining when it’s too hot or too cold for one. Too much transfer information is bad and too little is even worse.

Currently, the mood amongst us is relatively negative. The desperate need for a striker is starting to wind many of us up, and many are losing patience with the board. It feels like after last season’s splash on a lot of failed gambles, the board are reluctant to get out the chequebook. Deals have apparently fallen flat due to indecision and haggling, allowing other teams to swoop in. Even more irritating is the impressive ambition of clubs like Everton. Seemingly of a similar stature of West Ham, Everton now has new owners and are looking to break into that top 5. This is the type of ambition we expected to see from the board upon our arrival at the Olympic Stadium.

However, a couple of signings in the next week or so and I’m sure the mood would lift around the club. We seemed to be linked with two top players at the moment Hernandez and Arnautovic. If the board can make progress there I’m sure there will be a heightened sense of optimism at the club and rightly so.

If Karen Brady and the like needed any more positive publicity and improved popularity, the football and team strength must do the talking. It has always been that simple. I know the London Stadium still doesn’t feel like home for many, but few can disagree that had the last season been more successful, the atmosphere would have been unrecognisable. We finished 11th but that doesn’t fool us. Much like the Big Sam era, we don’t hide our feelings at West Ham, and if we are not being entertained we will let the club know. Personally, I try to make it to every game to get behind my team, but if the board wanted to get bums on seats and raise the roof, we need something to shout about.

Whilst things are seemingly underwhelming or negative now, there is still cause for optimism. The owners have taken us from the bottom of the Premier League to a solid Premier League position and have given us players such as Payet and Lanzini. We are also one of the higher spending clubs in the Premier League in recent seasons. After last year’s poor recruitment, the board and Bilic are understandably wary of making poor decisions. They know they cannot afford to pass this transfer window by without making first team additions. I hope that eventually the pressure will begin to show and the money will be spent. There is still plenty of time yet!