Before light there was darkness.

There was disenchantment, the people were divided and looking for salvation.

The people looked to the stars hoping to see a sign that better things were to follow. In the distance a ray of light shone through.
Word spread that some one or something special was about to happen.

There was apprehension, doubt and dismay by many. Some angry, some disappointed and many bemused, but the faithful were hoping and praying that this was the time.

Our time.

We looked up and from nowhere he came.

People shook their heads, there was anger even outrage. The believers stayed together. They believed, they hoped and stood shoulder to shoulder. To quell the doubters they sang and united as one.

The Wisemen gathered.
“Let us adore him” said one.
“Be patient with him”.
“We must remain calm and be tolerant”
They all agreed and set out to spread the word.


They knew it wouldn’t be easy and miracles take time but slowly and surely the tide turned. Even the doubters flocked back and the non-believers believed.

When he spoke the disciples listened.
“Try harder for me”. And they did.
“Work harder” And they did.
“Believe in me as I believe in you”.

He fixed things that were broken, and polished rough diamonds. He showed them passion and heart. He gave faith to his trusted men.
Then it happened. Twice in a week and very nearly three.
The people the followers and the doubters rejoiced. The men believed in him as he believed in them.

He gave them hope when there wasn’t any. Through hard work, commitment and endeavour he offered salvation. The people finally believed and came to worship and follow him and the disciples.

The road is long and there are challenges ahead but with his help guidance, encouragement and support the journey shall be less bearable now he is showing us the way.

His time has come and so has ours.


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