s West Ham sit precariously in the bottom three is it time to face the facts and admit we’re not really up to Premier League standards. Years of yo-yoing between divisions looks on the cards unless there’s a quick upturn in fortunes. West Ham seem to be doing a predictable West Ham this season and screwing up at every opportunity. Needless sending offs, throwing away leads and sacking fans favourite Super Slav.
I’ve come to the conclusion that relegation may be a good thing. A chance to go toe to toe with former Premier League giants and illustrious teams of the past. Leeds, Nottingham Forest, Wolves, Aston Villa and Derby and London rivals QPR, Fulham and Millwall.
Our current form and fixture list make grim reading.
A spell in The Championship would at least have us on par with the pre mentioned rivals. Let’s face it we’re nowhere near the top six and are far from being in the mid table race of Everton, Stoke, Newcastle, Southampton and Burnley. Burnley? Yes folks it’s got that bad.
The majority of our underperforming overpaid prima donna’s would struggle to get in any other Premier League team.
The phone wasn’t ringing off the hook during the recent transfer window for our best players.
Of course West Ham should be in the Premier League and with the squad we have we should be in a better place but as they say the table doesn’t lie. I’m sick of seeing my team not only being beaten, but being beat by teams that are punching way above their weight.
To lose after giving your all, keeping your head and try, not only for yourself but your teammates, manager and supporters. To concentrate, run, track back and give it your best. If each and every player done that game in game out and we lose I’d accept that. I can’t accept the woeful and pathetic performances that I’m forced to endure at the moment.
If it means dropping down a level so I can enjoy a match and see my team win at this present time I think I’d take it.
Harsh? True? Or disrespectful to the team I love and supported all my life. Am I wrong to say this or being honest. How demotivating must it be for the team week in week out to sit in the dressing room after another drubbing shaking heads and secretly blaming each other?
How much more can we and will we accept?
Lots of questions and lots of answers.
Yes we’re West Ham and we should support our team through think and thin but let’s face it’s there’s more thins than at a weight watchers group meeting.
The Premier League is the place to be but I don’t know how much longer I can cope with inept and uninspiring performances that leave me grumpy for days. I want to walk back to Stratford Station hearing fans singing in jubilation rather than trudging back shaking heads and having a laugh with the Stop Go stewards. Forget the blue flag the way things are going there’ll be a lollipop up your……………………
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