Many West Ham fans will be looking to the game against Stoke City at the London Stadium tonight as the moment when all fears will disappear and David Moyes can lead his merry men onto victory. This will be the crucial fixture to secure the vital three points which would surely be enough to let the Hammers have another bite of the Premier League cake next season, so all fingers and toes would be crossed!  For all your footbal betting tips take a look at these betting tips.

“Nowadays most people die of a sort of creeping common sense, and discover when it is too late that the only things one never regrets are one’s mistakes.” – Oscar Wilde

However, fans are already being distracted by some worrying rumours that have begun to circulate…no doubt instigated by the media at large or indeed by the Twitterati, that one of the players that is being charged with the fight for survival, may actually be sold in the summer.

Javier Hernandez may be looking for pastures new as he has struggled to claim first team football under two successive managers, but has shown himself to be a proven goalscorer that West Ham have struggled to find in years. If only he were played on a consistent basis and if the team were set up to play to his advantages?

It was no surprise that Moyes has struggled to find a place in his starting eleven for Hernandez, as he did not favour him when they partnered at Manchester United, however in his last few appearances, the little pea has found the back of the net more often than not…even securing vital points when all else would be lost. Surely a goal scorer of note should be an automatic starter and would play alongside Arnautovic too? 

The problem with David Moyes is that he has been blinkered by the defensive frailties that he inherited thus all of his focus has been in that area. For many matches Hernandez did not shine, which led to many fans questioning his suitability and commitment to the cause, however Moyes’s formations were too defensive and Hernandez was left isolated as the lone striker…which is simply not his game.


West Ham are certainly paying a king’s ransom in wages for Hernandez, but it has been a waste of money and through no fault of his own. There would be many teams around the globe that would build a team around him and play to his strengths…attacking and progressive, so it is no wonder that he is considering a move…why would he stay at a club that does not play his style of football?

The challenge for the club now will be to try to convince him to stay and for the manager to wipe the slate clean and change the way West Ham have been playing all season long. All Hammers’ fans are hoping that the defensive guise is replaced with more ambition and dominance in the opponents’ half that would ably support Hernandez’s talents and endeavour.

It is as obvious as the wart on an old crone’s nose that David Moyes has struggled to get the team to play on the front foot whilst still being resolute in defence! Injuries have played a huge role in the West Ham season, however whilst the sum to the total defensive equation still eludes him, the times when the team has shown more ambition is where they are more successful.

More width, more crosses into the box and more support for the front runners has been the rallying call from most of the Hammers’ faithful this season…and that is where Hernandez excels. If the team were able to be more consistent and pressurise the opponent’s penalty area, then the Hernandez debate would never have been started and it would be a shocking failure to let a player of his talent leave the club this summer…regardless of who the manager might be.

Whilst most fans are looking forward to the summer break and the World Cup, there are others who would regard it with dread. The club owners must show much more adventure and commit more funds to purchase quality players, however many fans believe that level of investment in not available…and even if it were, then it would not be spent. The worst possible scenario would be for players to be sold to fund new arrivals, and the rancid cherry on the cake would be to sell the only quality the club has in order to find the money to purchase more mediocre players from teams that have just been relegated. This could indeed be a red hot summer for West Ham transfers and fan’s frustrations may reach boiling point especially if it transpires into a cold dark winter for the club!

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